From 25/06/2012 To 25/06/2012
Labour Market in South Sudan

Description : A national seminar was organized in the occasion of the World Day Against child labour to launch the report on child labour and youth employment in South Sudan, and to advocate for more child labour interventions (including education interventions) to increase access to school for out of school children who are at risk of joining child labour. The seminar was addressed by the Minister of Labour, Public Service and Human Resources Development, the Deputy Minister for General Education and Instruction, and the EU Deputy Head of Delegation in South Sudan. The seminar included a panel discussion on the policy implications of the labour statistics presented by the UCW report. The Ministers, UNICEF, the National Bureau of Statistics, Save the children and BRAC participated in the panel discussion. The following major outcomes were achieved by the seminar: i) Awareness was raised on the dimension and characteristics of the child labour issue. Through print media stories, the public was made aware of child labour, the current interventions by government and partners such as ILO/IPEC TACKLE project and contribution of the donor (European Union). ii) The network of organizations working on child labour issues was strengthened.
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Event Type : Seminar
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Organization : ILO/IPEC TACKLE
Country : Sudan South

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