From 20/10/2008 To 21/10/2008
Child Labor and the EFA initiative: the challenge of including the hard-to-reach children

Description : The workshop, organized by Fafo Institute for Applied International Studies, in collaboration with the UCW-project and the Global March against Child Labour, will be held in Oslo on 20-21 October 2008. The workshop will bring together leading child labor researchers, civil society and policy makers for an exchange of experiences, views and advice.
Site :
Place : Oslo
Event Type : Workshop
Details : Anne Kielland Gabriella Breglia
Organization : Fafo Institute for Applied International Studies, Global March Against Child Labour, Understanding Children's Work Project
Country : Norway

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Agenda and description of the event
Including the hard to reach children. Challenges of education, presentation by Daniel Ximenes
ILO standards and national legal framework on child labour: How they relate to the education debate, presentation by Y. Noguchi
Poverty, child labour and education, presentation by Anne Kielland
Removing barriers to learning and teaching - Making inclusive education a reality, presentation by Gugu Ndebele
Government initiatives towards elimination of child labour, presentation by S.R. Joshi
Does school quality matter for working children?, presentation by Furio C. Rosati
Schooling and child labor. What role for education policies,presentation by M. Manacorda
Child labor and schooling in the broader policy context, presentation by Cristovam Buarque
Child labour and Education for All, opening speech by Furio C. Rosati