From 28/03/2002 To 29/03/2002
UCW Conference "The Economics of Child Labour" - May 28-29, 2002

Description : Review and download papers presented at this high-quality conference co-organised with the World Bank on various aspects of child labour from around the world, containing empirical and theoretical content as well as implications on policy-making. The World Bank Economic Review will bring out a special symposium issue based on a selection of papers presented at the conference.
Site :
Place : FAFO Institute of Applied Research, Norway
Event Type : Conference
Details : Fafo, P.O.Box 2947 Tøyen, 0608 Oslo, Norway. Visiting address: Borggata 2b Fax: +47 22088700, e-mail:
Organization :
Country : Norway

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Participant list
Child Labour: The Experience of Today's Advanced Economies and the Lessons of the Past, Jane Humphries
Children at Work DRAFT COPY, Debra Satz
Targeting Child Labor in Debt Bondage: Evidence, Theory and Policy Implications, Arnab K. Basu and Nancy H. Chau
Idiosyncrasies of child labour in peasant households in sub-Saharan Africa: anthropological observations and the economics of labour obligations and exchange, Vegard Iversen
Determinants of Child Labor and School Attendance: The Role of Household Unobservables, Furio Rosati and Partha Deb
Child Labor: A Four-Country Comparison, Harry Patrinos and Christiaan Grootaert
Child Labor: A Four-Country Comparison - powerpoint presentation
Child labour and Subcontracted Home-Based Manufacturing in Low and Middle-income Asia, Santosh Mehrotra and Mario Biggeri
Children's working hours, school enrolment and human capital accumulation: Evidence from Pakistan and Nicaragua, Mariacristina Rossi and Furio Rosati
Ex-ante Evaluation of Conditional Cash Transfer Programs: the Case of Bolsa Escola, Francois Bourguignon, Francisco H. G. Ferreira and Phillippe G. Leite
Child Farm Labour: The Wealth Paradox, Sonia Bhalotra and Christopher Heady