From 28/09/2017 To 29/09/2017
Labor Markets in Transition in China, Mongolia and Central Asia

Description : The Italian Centre for International Development (ICID), IZA, the School of Labor and Human Resources of Renmin University of China and the program Understanding Children’s Work (UCW) are organizing a workshop on labor markets in China, Mongolia and the Central Asian Republics of the Former Soviet Union. This workshop wants to bring together junior and senior researchers who analyze these labor markets in a rigorous fashion. While we invite contributions covering any aspect of labor market adjustment in these countries, one focus of the workshop will be the experience of young workers, where we are particularly interested in school-to-work transitions of young workers and in youth who early enter the labor market. Other important topics are the labor market experience of migrant workers during the crisis and beyond, measurement issues related to informality and job quality, as well as the costs of worker displacement during the crisis and more generally during episodes of restructuring.
Site : //
Place : Renmin University of China, Beijing
Event Type : Workshop
Details :
Organization : ICID, IZA, Renmin University of China, UCW
Country : China

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