From 29/09/2016 To 29/09/2016
Closing the Evidence Gap on Interventions to Address Child Labor Workshop

Description : According to the most recent ILO estimates, 215 million children are trapped in child labor worldwide, of which 115 million work in hazardous conditions while 6 million are victims of forced labor. Child labor is a complex phenomenon influenced by a multitude of factors, and is often exacerbated by situations of fragility, conflict and violence (FCV), where social protection systems might be at their weakest or non-existent. While a large set of policy instruments can be used to tackle child labor, predicting the impact of such interventions is far from straightforward. Indeed, limited evidence exists on the impact of policies and programs on child labor therefore hampering policy efforts to address the child labor issues. To help close this evidence gap, the Canadian Development Economics Study Group, World Bank’s Development Impact Evaluation (DIME) and the ILO’s Understanding Children’s Work (UCW) Programme are organizing a workshop to take stock of existing evidence on the efficacy of policy interventions to address child labor, with a particular focus on FCV settings. The workshop also aims to experiment with promising policy interventions that might have higher returns and to foster dialogue between practitioners and academic experts on child labor policies. The two key objectives of the workshop will consist of: (i) discussing and validating findings from a review paper on the state of knowledge and gaps on the effects of different child labor policy interventions; and (ii) formulating a research agenda to investigate how public works programs might influence child labor outcomes in developing and fragile contexts.
Site :
Place : Ottawa, IDRC, 150 Kent Street, 8th floor
Event Type : Workshop
Details :
Organization : Understanding Children's Work, The Canadian Development Economics Study Group and World's Bank DIME
Country : Canada

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