Workshops and seminars

Listing of UCW training, workshops and awareness-raising events.

Child Labor and the EFA initiative: the challenge of including the hard-to-reach children
From 20/10/2008 to 21/10/2008
The workshop, organized by Fafo Institute for Applied International Studies, in collaboration with the UCW-project and the Global March against Child Labour, will be held in Oslo on 20-21 October 2008. The workshop will bring together leading child labor researchers, civil society and policy makers for an exchange of experiences, views and advice.
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Childhoods 2005 - Children and Youth in Emerging and Transforming Societies - June 22-26, 2005
From 22/06/2005 to 26/06/2005
A group of Norwegian researchers of the University of Oslo (UiO), Norwegian Social Research (NOVA) and Childwatch International Research Network (CWI) is planning a global conference addressing modern childhood and youth to be held on this occasion. The title of the conference, "Childhoods 2005: Children and Youth in Emerging and Transforming Societies," refers to a world where new ethnic encounters, social change and globalization creates new childhoods and new lives for young people. Children and young people of today, more than ever, live in the focus of social and cultural change.
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UCW Conference "The Economics of Child Labour" - May 28-29, 2002
From 28/03/2002 to 29/03/2002
Review and download papers presented at this high-quality conference co-organised with the World Bank on various aspects of child labour from around the world, containing empirical and theoretical content as well as implications on policy-making. The World Bank Economic Review will bring out a special symposium issue based on a selection of papers presented at the conference.
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