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The survey catalogue provides information on the surveys used for the country statistics on child labour and youth employment. Details provided include country, year, survey type and sampling unit. The catalogue also provides information concerning data availability, but does not provide direct access to survey datasets.

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Country ▼Years ▼Survey Name ▼Survey Type ▼Sample Unit ▼Sample SizeArea CoverageAge Group ▼
Afghanistan 2011Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey 4MICSHousehold13116National5-14
Albania 2010National Child Labor SurveySIMPOCHousehold7391National5-17
Albania 2005Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey 3MICSHousehold5150National5-14
Albania 2000 Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey 2 MICSHousehold4821National5-14
Algeria 2012Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey 4MICSHousehold27198National5-17
Angola 2001Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey 2MICSHousehold6012National5-14
Argentina 2012Módulo de Actividades de Niños, Niñas y AdolescentesSIMPOCHousehold14468Only urban5-17
Argentina 2011Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey 4MICSHousehold23791Only urban5-17
Argentina 2004Encuesta de Actividades de Niños, Niñas y AdolescentesSIMPOCHousehold14632Gran Buenos Aires, Mendoza province, Jujuy, Salta y Tucumán provinces, Formosa and Chaco provinces5-17
Argentina 1997Encuesta de Desarrollo SocialHousehold SurveyHousehold19850Urban area10-17
Armenia 2015National Child Labour SurveySIMPOCHousehold6520National5-17
Armenia 2010Demographic and Health SurveyDemographic/Health SurveyHousehold6700National5-17
Azerbaijan 2005National Child Labour SurveySIMPOCHousehold8785National5-17
Azerbaijan 2000Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey 2MICSHousehold5861National5-14
Bangladesh 2013Labour Force and Child Labour SurveySIMPOCHousehold36242National5-17