Labor intensive public works and children's activities: the case of Malawi

Author(s) : de Hoop, Jacobus; Rosati, Furio C
Abstract : Public works programs are widely employed to provide temporary support to vulnerable households. Contrary to other social protection programs little is known about their impact on human capital accumulation. In this paper we study the impact of a public work program on education and child labour on the basis of a randomized trial. In particular we study the effects of a labour intensive public work program piloted in Malawi. The intervention was randomized across villages and households with several branches relative to the season of the intervention (lean or harvest) and to the timing of payment. The results indicate temporary positive effects on school attendance and no reduction in child labour. This broadly confirms less robust evidence already available and points to the need of amending public work programs to make them more effective in promoting human capital investments if they are meant to address child labour.
Year : 2016
Country : Malawi
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Source : UCW Working Paper Series

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