Child and youth agricultural work in Sub-Saharan Africa: Perspectives from the World Bank Integrated Surveys on Agriculture Initiative

Author(s) : Dachille, Giuseppe; Guarcello, Lorenzo; Lyon, Scott
Abstract : Despite their numbers and the often hazardous nature of their work, children working in agriculture have received surprisingly little research attention. Aggregate estimates of children agriculture are available for most countries,  but far fewer countries have detailed information on the agriculture sub-sectors where they work, the modalities of their farm work, the specific tasks performed, the hazards they face, or the their relative importance in agricultural production.  These and other information gaps serve to limit understanding of the role of children in the agriculture sector and impede the development of informed and well-targeted policy responses. The current report forms part of a broader effort aimed at filling these knowledge gaps. Making use of data from the new World Bank Living Standard Measurement Study-Integrated Surveys on Agriculture Initiative (LSMS-ISA),  the report assesses the extent, nature and relative importance of child and youth employment in smallholder agriculture in four Sub-Saharan Africa countries (i.e., Ethiopia, Niger, Nigeria and Tanzania). The study is descriptive in nature, aimed at paving the way for more in-depth research using more advanced instruments in a subsequent research phase.
Year : 2015
Country : Ethiopia, Niger, Nigeria, Tanzania
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Source : UCW Working Paper Series

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