Women's economic capacity and children's human capital accumulation

Author(s) : de Hoop, Jacobus; Premand, Patrick; Rosati, Furio C; Vakis, Renos
Abstract : Programs that increase the economic capacity of women from poor rural backgrounds are multiplying around the world. These programs can have cascading effects on children's participation in school and work that are theoretically undetermined. We present a simple model to describe the potential channels through which the promotion of women's productive capacity may affect children's participation in school and work. Based on a cluster-randomized trial, we examine how a productive intervention targeted at poor rural women in Nicaragua affected children. While the intervention did not aim to address school attendance and child labour, we find that children in beneficiary households are more likely to attend school and less likely to only be working one year after the end of the intervention. An increase in women's influence on household decisions appears to be the primary channel for the program's beneficial effect on school attendance.
Year : 2017
Country : Nicaragua
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Source : UCW Working Paper Series

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