Towards the effective measurement of child domestic workers: building estimates using standard household survey instruments

Author(s) : Lyon, Scott; Valdivia, Cristina A
Abstract : The current working paper looks at how standard household surveys for child labour measurement could be used to help fill the information gaps on the CDW phenomenon. With specific reference to household surveys conducted in Paraguay (Encuesta Permanente de Hogares (EPH), 2004), Uganda (Uganda National Household Survey, 2005-06) and Venezuela (Encuesta de Hogares por Muestreo (EHM), 2005) the working paper will generate estimates of child domestic work on the basis of information from survey questions on (1) relationship to household head and on (2) industry/occupation and employment status. For Paraguay and Uganda, estimates will also be generated of child domestic work disguised as fostering arrangements.
Year : 2010
Country : Paraguay, Uganda, Venezuela
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Source : UCW Working Paper Series

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