Research papers

This section provides access to all downloadable reports and studies produced by the UCW Programme, organised by author, country and year.

Child and youth agricultural work in Sub-Saharan Africa: Perspectives from the World Bank Integrated Surveys on Agriculture Initiative
Author(s): Dachille, Giuseppe; Guarcello, Lorenzo; Lyon, Scott
Year: 2015
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The twin challenges of child labour and youth employment in Ethiopia
Author(s): Guarcello, Lorenzo; Lyon, Scott; Rosati, Furio C
Year: 2006
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School-to-work transitions in Sub-Saharan Africa: an overview
Author(s): Fares, Jean Fares, Jean; Guarcello, Lorenzo; Lyon, Scott; Manacorda, Marco; Rosati, Furio C; Valdivia, Cristina A
Year: 2005
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