Child labour bibliography

The bibliography provides a comprehensive listing of published research relating to child labour, organised by author, topic and year.

Does Land Reform in Transition Countries Increase Child Labour? Evidence from the Republic of Georgia
Author(s): Kimhi, Ayal
Year: 2007
Source: Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Department of Agricultural Economics and Management, Discussion Papers Series, Number 71-47
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School to work transitions in Georgia: a preliminary analysis based on household budget survey data
Author(s): Guarcello, Lorenzo; Lyon, Scott; Rosati, Furio C; Valdivia, Cristina A
Year: 2005
Source: UCW Working Paper Series
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Theoretical and Methodological Issues in Cross-Cultural Families
Author(s): Chien, Wen Yin; Conceicao, Maria Christina Gomes da; Gurko, Tatyana; Kuentay, Esin; Martinez, Iveris L; Modo, I V O ; Seward, Rudy R; Smit, Ria; Torres, Sandra; Walters, Lynda H; Warzywoda Kruszynska, Wielislawa; Yeatts, Dale E ; Yi, Chin Chun; Zottarelli, Lisa K
Year: 2002
Source: Journal of Comparative Family Studies, Volume XXXIII, Issue 3, pp 317-474
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