Child labour bibliography

The bibliography provides a comprehensive listing of published research relating to child labour, organised by author, topic and year.

Adolescents in hazardous work: Child labour among children aged 15-17 years
Author(s): Guarcello, Lorenzo; Lyon, Scott; Valdivia, Cristina A
Year: 2016
Source: UCW Working Paper Series
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The twin challenges of child labour and educational marginalisation in the East and South-East Asia region Preparing for a post 2015 world
Author(s): UCW
Year: 2015
Source: UCW Regional Studies
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Understanding children’s work and youth employment outcomes in Laos
Author(s): UCW
Year: 2014
Source: UCW Country Studies
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Social Consequences of the Financial Crisis in Asia
Author(s): Knowles, James C; Pernia, Ernesto M; Racelis, Mary
Year: 1999
Source: Asian Development Bank Economic Staff Paper Series, Number 60
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