Child labour bibliography

The bibliography provides a comprehensive listing of published research relating to child labour, organised by author, topic and year.

Italian children at work, 1881-1961
Author(s): Toniolo, Gianni; Vecchi, Giovanni
Year: 2007
Source: UCW Working Paper Series
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Overcoming Child Labor-The Certification of Social Conformity; Per il superamento del lavoro minorile-la certificazione de conformita sociale
Author(s): Tintori, Chiara
Year: 2002
Source: Aggiornamenti Sociali, Volume 53, Issue 4, pp 296-302
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An Endless Story. Child Labor Research in Rome; Una storia infinita. Ricerca sul lavoro minorile a Roma
Author(s): Fontana, Renato
Year: 1994
Source: Sociologia e Ricerca Sociale, Volume 15, Issue 44, pp 108-138
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Child Labour in Naples: The Case of Outwork
Author(s): Goddard, Victoria
Year: 1985
Source: Anthropology Today, Volume 1, Issue 5, pp 18-21
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The protection of female and child labour
Author(s): Maffei, M ; Vessia, A
Year: 1972
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White paper on child labour
Author(s): Gioventù Aclista
Year: 1967
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