Understanding children’s work and youth employment outcomes in Laos

Author(s) : UCW
Abstract : Overcoming the twin challenges of child labour and youth employment will be critical to progress towards the Millennium Development Goals in Laos. Estimates presented in this report indicate that some 71,000 Lao children aged 6-13 years still work in employment. At the same time, youth employment is dominated by low-productivity, unremunerated work concentrated in the agriculture sector. Only one of every four employed youth earns enough to escape poverty. The effects of child labour and youth employment difficulties are well-documented: both can lead to social vulnerability and societal marginalisation, and both can permanently impair productive potential and therefore influence lifetime patterns of employment and pay. 2. The current report examines the related issues of child labour and youth employment in Laos. Guided by observed outcomes in terms of schooling, work activities and status in the labour market, the report considers the economic as well as the social determinants of child labour and youth employment difficulties. The report was developed jointly by the three UCW partner agencies. As such, it provides an important common basis for action in addressing child labour and youth employment issues.
Year : 2014
Country : Lao PDR
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Source : UCW Country Studies
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