An Endless Story. Child Labor Research in Rome; Una storia infinita. Ricerca sul lavoro minorile a Roma

Author(s) : Fontana, Renato
Abstract : An investigation of social aspects of child labor in Rome, Italy, draws on questionnaire data from 679 students, average age 12. After profiling the working minor, a typology is constructed. It is shown that 66+% of the minor work force are older boys, usually from large families, where presence or absence of a father in the family does not effect the decision to work. Working children tend to: (1) have fewer social bonds & friendships than those not working; (2) be more motivated by material gains through income earned; (3) be less inclided to pursue a white-collar or artistic career; & (4) follow in their parents' tracks, continuing a sociocultural tradition of accepting employment as minors. 10 Tables, 4 Figures, 34 References. Adapted from the source document
Year : 1994
Country : Italy
Publisher : - -
Source : Sociologia e Ricerca Sociale, Volume 15, Issue 44, pp 108-138
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