Overcoming Child Labor-The Certification of Social Conformity; Per il superamento del lavoro minorile-la certificazione de conformita sociale

Author(s) : Tintori, Chiara
Abstract : There are several legislative initiatives currently under review in the Italian parliament aimed expressly at discouraging child labor & the importation of goods produced by child labor by making the exploitation of children in the world labor market a matter for social awareness. The current state of child labor in Europe & throughout the world is discussed: unsurprisingly, while there is very little child labor in Italy & Western Europe (one of the European countries with one of the highest rates of child labor, Albania, is estimated to have 40,000 underage workers out of a population of 3.5 million), while 61% of Asian minors are employed, compared to 32% in Africa, & just 7% in Latin America. The scourge of child labor may be successfully fought as the process of globalization increases awareness of the problem & encourages social activism. 1 Graph. Adapted from the source document
Year : 2002
Country : Italy
Publisher : - -
Source : Aggiornamenti Sociali, Volume 53, Issue 4, pp 296-302
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