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Country factsheets on child labour


Downloadable reports and studies developed by the UCW Programme.


Statistical tables on child labour, schooling and related indicators for over 80 countries.


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Understanding Children's Work in Yemen - Report on child labour
Author(s) : UCW
Abstract : The current report was developed under the aegis of a joint ILO/World Bank/UNICEF project "Understanding Children's Work" in Yemen. It provides an overview of the child labour phenomenon in Yemen - its extent and nature, its determinants, its consequences on health and education, and national responses to it. The report serves two important UCW project objectives in the country. First, it helps provide a common analytical understanding of child labour, that can be used to inform the current activities of the three partner agencies and Government, and that can be used to develop joint interagency strategies for future co-operation with the Government in the field of child labour. Second, through close involvement of local counterparts in its development, the paper contributes to a broader effort to build national capacity in collecting and using child labour data for policy development. The statistical information presented in the paper is drawn primarily from two recent household surveys - the 1998 Yemen Household Budget Monitoring Survey (YHBS 1998) and the 1999 Yemen Poverty Monitoring Survey (YPMS 1999), both conducted by the Central Statistical Office. The first involved a stratified sample of 10,000 households and the second a stratified sample of 54,000 households. An ILO/IPEC rapid assessment conducted in 2000 is the primary source of qualitative information on the nature and hazards of child labour. The review also draws on a number of smaller-scale studies, qualitative as well as quantitative, Government and NGO reports, agency documents and other information sources. In the regression, the income data have been imputed to the National Poverty Survey 1999 using the information from the Household Budget Survey 1998, since the expenditure/income data in NPS are not satisfactory. As for the descriptive statistics on child labour, they were cross-checked with results from labour force surveys and found consistent
Year : 2003
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Source : UCW Country Studies
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Country report on child labour
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