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Country factsheets on child labour


Downloadable reports and studies developed by the UCW Programme.


Statistical tables on child labour, schooling and related indicators for over 80 countries.


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Towards eliminating the worst forms of child labour in Cambodia by 2016: an assessment of resource requirements - Report on child labour
Author(s) : UCW
Abstract : The current report was developed under the aegis of the Understanding Children’s Work (UCW) program. UCW research efforts in Cambodia have shaped the development of a two-volume Inter-Agency Report on child labour. Volume I of the Inter-Agency Report - Children's Work in Cambodia: A Challenge for Growth and Poverty Reduction - was released on 12 June 2006. It analyses the current child labour situation in Cambodia - the extent and nature of child labour, the causes and consequences of child labour, and policy approaches for addressing it. The current Volume II of the Inter-Agency Report on child labour assesses the additional resource requirements for eliminating worst forms over a nine-year time horizon. The report focuses on the "residual" group of children expected to remain in worst forms even when demographic evolution, and broader education, social protection and other national development efforts, are taken into account. It estimates the likely size of this residual group in worst forms, and the cost of additional targeted interventions designed to reach it, under two broad scenarios. The first scenario assumes that economic growth and progress in implementing national development plans are significantly slowed by the unfolding global economic crisis. The second assumes that the impact of the economic crisis on growth and spending will be more contained over the nine-year time horizon. The difference in the cost estimates under the two scenarios highlights the resource implications of the economic crisis on efforts against child labour: eliminating worst forms will cost an estimated $30 million more under the first scenario than under the second one.
Year : 2009
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Source : UCW Country Studies
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Country report on child labour
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